Sunday, February 17, 2008

Recovering from an illness/ worried about lost fitness

What a beautiful day out here in the Coachella Valley. Today the temp was balmy 72 degrees, light winds out on Dillon Road, that hilly chip seal bumpy road all the competitive riders out here learn to devour. Either you devour it or it eats you. I guess it really depends on the day and your training.

The Palm Springs 1/2 marathon was this morning 02-17-08, and I decided not to race because I hadn't put any running miles on the legs during the week due to illness. My wife Suzanne did the run, finishing 2:33 and I watched a busy corner and directed traffic for my race director friend Greg Klein.

First place finish was 1:10 and geez did he look smooth. A local Mexican fellow who had tons of friends out there cheering him on. He was not contested--closest to him was a good three minutes back.

My age group 45-49 was won by a 1:27 finishing time. When I am in good form I should be coming in around 1:25.

I have been trying to gain back my good form but since this new season and all the illnesses, I haven't had things together yet. Considering the timing and how I am feeling now, I should hit some good form by the end of March and that's a good thing. The Oceanside 1/2 Ironman, an Ironman Hawaii qualifier race, is on Sunday the 30th of March.

Now, just keep it together and build things up Mr. Bill. Triathlete training schedule now without any problems during the week looks like 21 hours a week. 12,000 yards swimming @ 4x/wk, 200 mi bike @ 7 rides/wk including commutes, and approximately 50 miles run/wk @ 6x/wk.

Workouts will include intervals, tempos, hill work on the bike, and Sunday runs eventhough they will be endurance runs in nature there will be some fast downhill running on this run because of where I do this run.

Can't wait for the first triathlon. It's been a long time since I have got the running shoes on and done my dirty work on the triathlon field in the run. My most favorite time during these races is chasing the guys in front and they always come back to me.

Cheers and let's get it on!
Mr. Bill Pioneer

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