Sunday, April 20, 2008

Winning again after all those years!

What an awesome feeling to get a win in my home town's triathlon. Yyowzzzaaa! The Toyota Desert Triathlon at Lake Cahuilla, La Quinta, California is where the race was held this morning.

When we woke up this morning the wind was howling out here in the desert by the Bermuda Dunes airport where we live. The thought of sleeping in and forgettng about doing the race crossed my mind and I just rolled over and waited for the clock radio to try me again. Sure, the guilt set in after the second alarm so I lunged out of bed and hopped right to it.

Breakfast made and brought in togo boxes. I loaded up the bikes and kids into Suzanne's van and we were off to the races. I picked up my Mom to bring her to the races. She was plenty fired up to go and cheer us on after so many other races where she had missed out. It's great to have your parents at your races.

When Mom and I arrived at the lake the water was primo! If we had the water ski boat I would be barefooting it for sure. And the wind didn't come up at all during the 3/4 mile swim. The bike was a different story.

Made a quick transition, no tea party at this race in the transition area. The bike was perfectly adjusted finally, bars in an ideal position for my back. The back didn't get tired at all and no pain, finally. On the down wind stretches with wind at my back I must have been rocking it 30 mph or better. I could hunker down on that bike and spin that 53x14 gear so smoothly like a hot knife going thru butter and no ache in the legs at all. Only one guy passed me after dueling with him for 8 miles and he was all over that bike; not smooth or efficient, I knew I would see him later on the run so have fun dude and win the bike course.

When the run starts for me I get really fired up. Let the horses run, get on the hunt and get'um back (those guys that put forth too much on the bike with those tired legs.) I must have run down 4 guys in my age group. When going into the last 1/2 mile of the run I looked back and couldn't see anyone who looked like they were interested in taking away what I was just about ready to achieve.

All the training, riding in the night after work, going to the pool at 5:00am, and working some good runs in the middle of my work days was all worth it. When you climb up on top of that first place stage beside the second and third place finishers all that discomfort goes away. Hard work, you bet. Adrenalin burn during the race, a real high when all is right.

Next weekend is the LaJolla 1/2 Marathon and the following weekend is the Wildflower 1/2 Ironman, an old favorite of mine. Can't wait for another dose of good diabetes management and good pacing. Let the horses run!

Mr. Bill


Brett said...

Rock on Bill!

Anne said...

congrat's Bill! Glad you are back in fine form! Watch out Wildflower!

Michelle said...

congrats on the big win!