Monday, September 22, 2008


Can you understand why there are so many people who love living in SoCal? It's the weather. What a beautiful day, warm water in Lake San Dimas at Bonelli Park, and no wind at all. Swim is just under a mile, 24 mile bike on a challenging, hilly and technical course, and the run is hilly with asphalt and trails for 6 miles.
This is where I started racing and have done so many events over the years. Mr. Bill Fulton the race owner has done a fabulous job keeping this race series alive for 25 years. His son Chip will more than likely take it over and hopefully grow this event in surrounding areas. Now, it's just great to be back in the tri scene racing on the CANNONDALE SIX-13 Slice, a terrific time trialer perfectly fit by the guys at INCYCLE Bikes in San Dimas. Thank you guys for a terrific set up for Tri Racing, 2008.
My swim was average, just top 1/3 in my wave. Training for the swim is difficult in the Desert. Very few training pools where I live. Once on the bike I could really rock. That screaming downhill next to the 57 freeway is incredible. WOW, does that bike fly with the ZIPP 404 wheels.
Off the bike and started the run with low bloodsugar. I could feel it, kind of bonked. Mr. Dan Empfield was running next to me and gapped me while I was trying to correct the blood sugar problem. 10 yards, then 50 yards, then 200 yards, he got away. As I seemed to stumble along devouring Vitalyte and Crank gel, I finally started coming around regaining composure.
Running through the jungle and then back out to the asphalt Dan saw me coming. There was another guy infront of us with my age group number on his calf. Dan gave me the word, "Go get that guy"! A little encouragement from a friend goes a long way. I ran that guy down and kept pushing to get another one. 2nd place in 21 athletes in my age group, 16th overall. Seems like the old days again. Love that racing stuff.

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