Sunday, November 16, 2008

America's Finest City 1/2 Marathon 08/17/2008

Great time to be had by all anniversary couples. This weekend is our annversary, Suzanne and I, 19 years, and we have found that running races and triathlons are magic for us.
I have been readying for the Wisconsin Ironman Triathlon which is in two weeks so I had to take it easy in this event not to push too hard. I ran 1:32, 16 in age group, 119 overall amongst the men. Suzanne ran just over 2 hours in regular form. She does so much around the house and with the kids. I am around much of the time but she really gets after many of the needs of the children.
Athletic events when you do them with your spouse are a great tool to clear the air of things that may be festering. Racing really works for us, a great get away from the little ones.
Try it, you'll like it. Just Do It!


Sharon said...


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Wendy said...

Well...I'm just a mom. And I'm lucky to run a 5k without feeling so winded that I'm sure death is imminent.

Hey, I'm working on it ;)

I'm raising a child with diabetes.

I found this blog and I know it hasn't been updated for years, but I wanted to thank you.

Thanks for showing the world that T1 doesn't have to stop anyone from trying to accomplish big dreams.

I needed this inspiration today ;)